Pre Starters

Garlic Bread (v)              £3.95

Garlic Bread with Mozzarella (v)£4.75

Marinated Pucci Olives (v)       £5.25



Soup of the Day               £4.95

Served with Warm Bread                                                         

Grilled Aubergine (V) 7.25

with Burrata, Mini Bruschetta’s, Almond Pesto,

Confit Garlic and Rocket

BBQ Chicken Wings    7.25

with Dodds BBQ Sauce, Spiced Potato Crips

and Spring Onion

Seared Beef                       7.25

with Pak-Choi Kimchi, Dark Soy Dressing,

Smoked Sesame, Crispy Rice Noodle

Salt and Pepper Squid7.25

with Red Onion Slaw,

Lemon & Tomato Chutney

Baked Camembert to Share (V) 9.75

with Fig and Cranberry Jam, Crunchy Bread

Antipasti for Two         £13.95

Selection of Cured Meats from Sardinia,

Buffalo Mozzarella, Pickles, Oils and Bread

Main Courses



Home-Made Potato Gnocchi (V)13.45

in a Creamy Pesto Sauce with, Spinach, Crispy Basil

and Herbed Goats Cheese

Seafood Fregola                             15.95

with King Prawns, Squid, Mussels and Grilled Peppers,

in a Saffron Cream Sauce with Basil Bruschetta

Roast Chicken Breast                  16.45

with Herb Risotto, Crispy Parmesan

Tender Steam Broccoli, Prosciutto and Roast Pepper Jus

Cod Supreme                                   16.95

with Buttered New Potatoes, Cauliflower Pure,

Wild Mushrooms, Pearl Onion Ragu, Grilled Spring Onion

Lamb Rump                                      17.45

with Caramelized Carrot, Creamed Leeks,

Mashed Potato, Confit Tomato and Mint Jus

Rib-Eye Steak              19.95

with Hand-Cut Chips, Grilled Mushrooms,

Dressed Rocket and Garlic Butter

Peppercorn sauce    2.50


(v) Suitable for Vegetarians






Spaghetti Bolognaise                       10.95

with Pesto and Parmesan    

Home-Made Lasagna                      11.45

with Mozzarella

Bucatini Pasta (V)         11.45

in a Mushroom and Parmesan Sauce,

Grilled Field Mushroom, Rocket and Pecorino

Smoked Bacon Penne  11.45

in a Creamy Sauce with Mushrooms

and Grana Padano     

Grilled Chicken Penne11.95

in a Tomato Sauce with Sardinian Pancetta,

Roast Red Peppers, Chili Flakes, Rocket and Parmesan

Seafood Spaghetti         12.95

in a White Wine, Garlic and Butter Sauce

with King Prawns, Mussels, Squid and Chili

Strozzapreti                     13.45

in a Slow Braised Beef Brisket Ragu with Crushed Tomatoes,

Tarragon, Roast Garlic, Grilled Spring onion and Pecorino




Margarita (V)                            £9.95

Tomato and Mozzarella

Romana                             10.45

Tomato, Mozzarella, Mushrooms and Roast Ham

Verde   (V)                         11.45

Béchamel, Parmesan, Spinach, Pine Nuts,

Aubergine, Rocket

Pollo & Pancetta         11.75

Tomato, Mozzarella, Chicken, Pancetta,

Rocket and Shaved Parmesan

Chili con Carne               11.75

Chili Beef Ragu, Spiced Cheddar, Jalapenos,

Dodds Weeper Sauce, Spicy Bacon

Cumbrian                           11.75

Tomato, Cumberland Sausage, Pancetta,

Free Range Egg and Local Cheese

Gamberetto                      12.75

Tomato, Mozzarella, Garlic King Prawns, Olives,

Capers and Sun blushed Tomatoes

BBQ                                      12.75

Dodds BBQ Sauce, Cheddar, Pulled Beef Brisket,

Pickled Gherkin and Crispy Onion



Hand-Cut Chips            £3.95

Dressed Mixed Salad      £3.95

Rocket, Balsamic and Parmesan £4.25

Tomato and Red Onion Salad £4.25

Basket of Bread                              £2.95

Kids Meals

Spaghetti Bolognaise   £4.50

Pizza Margarita              £4.50

Pesto Chicken Penne   £4.50

Fish Fingers with Chips and Peas £4.50

(v) Suitable for Vegetarians